Our collaborative workspace is home to a wide variety of designers, makers and creative industry professionals.
Studio 1
Ruth Leslie

Ruth has been designing and making playful, sculptural jewellery since 2015. Mainly working in a variety of metals including silver, gold and titanium, she creates contemporary pieces that are both inspired by the subtle details within fabrics as well as the structural forms within textile machinery.

As well as creating these sculptural pieces, Ruth produces a range of wearable, precious metal jewellery influenced by other design products such as kitchen and homeware. These designs are simple yet unique, modern and bold.

Studio 1
Gina Burgess

Gina is a Goldsmith/Silversmith, creating bespoke jewellery and silverware for all occasions. She offers private commissions to bring your ideas to life and works with heirlooms to keep their stories intact for years to come through repair and remodelling.

Her collections are inspired by her love of drawing freehand and learning new hand skills. Translating serendipitous mark making and fluid line drawing into precious metal. With great care and precision, Gina creates pieces that are elegant, balanced and timeless.

Studio 2
Interior & Architectural Photographers

ZAC and ZAC are architectural and interior photographers based in Edinburgh and London. Established as a partnership and comprised of two cousins, ZAC and ZAC combine their strengths and passion for photography and the built environment to create striking and refined imagery.

Studio 3
Juli Bolaños-Durman
Glass Artist

Glass artist Juli’s work is influenced by her background in graphic design and mixed media. She creates playful compositions by repurposing found objects and transforming them into precious artefacts that tell a story.

Studio 8a
Laura Meek

Laura Meek is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Edinburgh, with a mission of producing work that pursues the delight in beauty and quiet reverence amidst the moving world. With a passion for film photography and unscripted journeys, the comeliness, mystery and romance within life and nature inspire visual excellence. Working worldwide with multi-disciplinary expertise, ranging extensively across the areas of lifestyle, editorial, commercial and fine art content.

Studio 8b
Siam Colvine
Production Designer & Stylist

Siam is an Edinburgh based production designer & wardrobe stylist, specialising in short films & music videos and art directing for film/tv, commercials & fashion campaigns.

Studio 9
Neil Pettinger | Kurtosis
Healthcare Data Analyst

Neil spent 22 years working as an information manager in the NHS before reinventing himself as a freelance healthcare analyst and trainer in 2008. Kurtosis aims to overcome the obstacles that prevent managers and clinicians from using data to make decisions with a suite of training courses that show better ways of analysing, presenting, and evaluating data.

Studio 10

Cairn are architects of carefully considered low carbon buildings. Based in London and Edinburgh, we help ambitious, climate-aware clients who need environmentally sensitive solutions for challenging projects.

We are specialists in lean construction and are independent in our approach. We seek out commissions that are demanding and develop a tailored response appropriate to each situation.

Weaving together the pragmatic and poetic, we work with the rational and emotional implications of construction. We make settings for everyday life that will age well, continuing to benefit a broad range of people over time.

Studio 10
DS Architecture

Established in 2014, DS Architecture has an ambition to create a portfolio of high quality and bespoke work inspired by and created for every Clients individual needs. This responsive and considered approach to design, incorporating simplicity, sustainability and innovation, is the foundation of the architectural philosophy and has contributed to a growing number of projects across the length and breadth of Scotland.

Studio 11
Architecture Office

Architecture Office designs buildings, interiors and objects with simplicity and restraint. A pared-back approach to create efficient works that have a quiet elegance, while offering inherent potential.

The office considers context and tradition to produce work that stands the test of time, marrying historic values with contemporary detail. This attitude is fundamental to creating environments and objects that transcend passing fashions and fleeting trends to root themselves in their place.

Studio 13b
Edinburgh Tool Library
Tool Library

Why buy when you can share? At Edinburgh Tool Library you can borrow tools from our inventory of thousands of them. Don’t know how to use them? No problem! We bring members together to build and learn by sharing skills and knowledge. A tool library is first a simple idea – it works like a normal library but with tools instead of books.

Studio 14
James Swatton
Software Developer

Having spent the last 7 years working as a sound engineer, James has learnt how to work in environments that are constantly providing unique challenges. Understanding how to solve problems using an ever-evolving set of techniques and technologies has prepared him well for the transition into the world of software development.

James has a love for elegant, refined design which has meant he is equally interested in crafting rich front end experiences as well as building clear and easily maintainable back end coding solutions.

Studio 17
Studio Niro
Graphic / Product Design / Architecture

STUDIO NIRO works with clients to develop architectural, interior, exhibition and graphic design projects with a concentration on material, form and detail to make spaces and objects which sit appropriately within their physical and cultural context. The ethos of the practice is driven by an ambition to make beautiful spatial, visual and tactile contributions to the everyday lives of our clients.

Open Studio

GRAS is an award-winning architecture and design studio based in Edinburgh. By focusing on timeless design principles, GRAS develop refined yet characterful solutions that put the needs of users first.

GRAS were the brains behind Custom Lane.

Cruiser Store

Bard is a shop and gallery for Scottish craft and design founded by husbands Hugo Macdonald and James Stevens. Bard tell stories about ideas, people and objects that forge Scottish cultural identity, past, present and future. The Bard mission is twofold: James and Hugo believe that living with craft can ground and elevate our daily experience, at home and in society; they also believe that Scottish craft and design is ripe for a global audience. If it’s true that we are what we make, then Bard want to show the world that we are made of more than tartan shortbread tins.

Designated Desker
Katie Hawthorne
Writer and Researcher

Katie is a writer and researcher. She lives in Edinburgh, where she recently completed her PhD in digital technologies and “liveness” in performance. She is an alumna of the Academy for Theatre and Digitality, and her journalism and cultural criticism can be found in publications like The Guardian, CRACK, The Scotsman and more.

Dedicated Desker
Alex Longson
Multi-Disciplinary Art Director

Alex is a British-American designer based in Edinburgh, UK. As a mutli-disciplinary visual artist, he has worked across many forms to create compelling + beautiful products, brands + businesses.

Through his own companies, Alex has gained a range of experience in all elements of aesthetic direction.