What does a membership at Custom Lane include?

All members benefit from: permanent custom-made desks (150 x 75 cm), colour printing facilities, 20% discount on meeting rooms and event space hire and 20% discount on Williams and Johnson coffees.


Is the internet connection any good?

Our 100 mbs internet connection is managed and maintained by experts, this is increasing to 300 mbs in Jan 2018. The building has wifi coverage throughout.


What size are the desks?

Our custom-made desks measure 244 x 85 cm.


Can I try a desk out for the day?

Yes, we offer free desk trials. Please contact hello@customlane.co for more information.


Do you have a shower?

Not yet, but we are working on it.


Is there somewhere to lock my bike?

There are plenty of places in our courtyard/lane area to lock up a bike but we are also building bike racks very soon, please email us for an update.


Do you have a post room?

We will receive and deliver your post to your desk.


What if I need a phone service?

Low cost, monthly contract phone lines are available on request


What are the opening hours?

All members can access the building from 8am-8pm. Reception is staffed 9am-5pm


Do members have to pay to use the meeting rooms?

Members receive 20% discount on meeting room hire, prices are outlined here.


How do I reserve a meeting room?

The meeting room and event space can be reserved by contacting hello@customlane.co. We can also organise refreshments and catering if required.


What size meeting rooms do you have?

Our meeting room comfortably seats up to 12 around the table.


Can I book a meeting room at the weekend?

Meeting rooms are available at weekends. Please contact our programme manager to discuss your requirements.


Do all memberships begin on the 1st of the month?

Yes, although if you want to join mid month we can adjust the fee accordingly.


Are your memberships really month-to-month?

Our contracts are on a rolling one-month basis. We require a full calendar month’s notice to end your contract.


When can I reserve a desk?

Reserving a desk is easy. Please contact our programme assistant to get started.


Is it any cheaper if my organisation takes more than one desk?

Yes, the more desks you take, the cheaper each desk becomes. Contact hello@customlane.co for more information.


I’m ready to sign up! What are my payment options?

Great, we will issue you with a month to month contract and request that you set up a standing order for monthly payments on the 1st of each month.


When do I have to let you know if I want to move out?

Write to us giving us one full calendar month notice.


How can I review my monthly invoice?

Your monthly invoice will be sent by email, you can request a copy by contacting our programme assistant.


Can I make an appointment for a tour of the building?

You are welcome to visit between 9am and 5pm for a tour or contact hello@customlane.co to book in advance.


Can I use the Workshop facilities?

Residents can choose to have access to workshop facilities for £25 per month.


Are you accessible?

Our ground floor is fully accessible and we have a disabled toiled located off the café.


Are groups welcome and do they need to book a visit in advance?

Yes, school, university and community groups are welcome to visit, please contact hello@customlane.co to organise a tour.