0915 March, 2024

Argot Studio present a carefully selected range of their 3D printed, sustainably-made objects for purchase at Custom Lane. Each featured piece is produced using 100%...

Custom Lane is delighted to host this viewing and shopping experience delivered as part of Talks at the Lane, Season 2.

Founded by Irish designer, Eimear Ryan, Argot Studio is a Paris-based design studio that offers 3D printed, sustainably-made collectable pieces, designed to elevate any space. Argot’s stylistic aim is to transcend seasonality, trends and to last throughout generations. The collections express balance and consideration, fusing together minimalist, timeless design with high-quality, bio-sourced materials.

Drawing inspiration from the contrast between brutalist, man-made architecture and organic forms and shapes that exist in nature, Argot pieces encompass both a poetic and thoughtful rendition.

Argot’s core collection consists of the signature vases, sculptures and vessels, characteristic to Argot’s classic silhouettes with versatile functionality.

The name Argot refers to the French word “argot”, meaning ‘colorful slang’, that is used by Parisians in everyday life.

Argot Studio pieces are designed and produced in Paris, France.

The TATL team look forward to welcoming you.



TALKS AT THE LANE is an eclectic and informative series of lectures and conversations around the themes of design and making, curated and supported by Custom Lane residents.

TATL aim to provide engaging and lively discussions that explore what motivates our speakers to create, and the influences behind their practice.

Season 2 will focus on material by engaging with designers and makers whose practice is concerned with the use of sustainable materials, their practical application and cultural meaning.

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