22 July, 2019




To accompany their exhibition, Symbiont, Natalya and Fiona of PYRUS invite you to join close collaborators, Euan McCall, Alex Musgrave and JL Williams, for an...

As part of their exhibition, Symbiont, botanical artists Natalya Ayers and Fiona Inglis, of PYRUS, introduce a series of curated events and workshops from fellow creatives.

Natalya and Fiona invite you to In The Mouth Of The Ground, an evening event celebrating perfume and poetry with Euan McCall of Jorum Studio, Scotland’s first fragrance house, with scent writer and floral photographer Alex Musgrave, hosted by published poet and performer JL Williams.

The evening is dedicated to exploring the different ways we interact with skin, eye, smell, word and memory. Perfume is a powerful thing, a shortcut to the past, opening doors transporting us, moving, startling and causing an astonishing range of emotions.

The ticket includes a sample sextet of the recently launched Jorum Studio Progressive Botany Vol 1 Collection.