30 August02 October, 2022



Through a series of shows under the banner of Works in Progress, Custom Lane residents share insight into their practice and processes, introducing our visiting...

Juli Bolaños-Durman | 30 Aug - 04 Sep

Juli Bolaños-Durman | 30 Aug – 04 Sep

Through her work, Juli Bolaños-Durman invites the audience to delve into a magical world of second chances, where waste material is the starting point and curiosity is the guide. She creates raw pieces that are put together intuitively through the joyfulness of play, exploring how ordinary discarded materials can be transformed and elevated. Juli is interested in how this visceral bond between the maker, material and its locality permeates the creative process, guiding it to become something new. These objects honour the instinctual need to create something of beauty with our hands, how this act of making connects us to our humanity and the future of innovation.


For Works in Progress, Juli introduced us to her process and invites our visiting public to create their own sculptures from a library of waste materials.

Personal Pursuits | 06 Sep - 11 Sep | image: Evie Mae Harding

Personal Pursuits | 06 – 12 Sep

Featuring Shaun Barton Ducasse / Jemma Craig / Estefanía Macchi / Peter Allen / Evie Mae Harding / Ashton Pietro Zoanetti / Lily Lowther

Architecture Office | 13 Sep - 25 Sep | Image: Alexander Mackison

Architecture Office | 13 – 11 Sep

Architecture Office design buildings, interiors and objects with simplicity and restraint. A reductive approach
to generate spatial, efficient works that hold inherent potential.

The office considers context and tradition to produce work that stands the test of time, fundamental to create environments that transcend passing fashions and fleeting trends to root itself in its place.

The exhibition ‘Works in Progress’ presents a project on the South Coast of Cornwall. Exploring the careful restoration and extension of the 18th century listed building, through the process and progress of construction.

The project strives to retain the charm and character of the original cottage while introducing kitchen and dining space. The new architecture is a legible, yet respectful addition to the killas rubble stone dwelling. Deep reveals, exposed lintels and slate copings reference the solid, traditional construction while slurried lime mortar shifts the ordered nature of a brick facade towards an adhoc, monolithic construction. Subtle architectural datums are carried through from the original cottage to the extension binding the new architecture to the host building.

Studio NIRO | 27 Sep - 02 Oct

STUDIO NIRO | 27 Sep – 02 Oct

For Works in Progress STUDIO NIRO reflect on the material which informs their work and explore ideas of diversity and congruity.

Since their beginnings in 2018, STUDIO NIRO has consciously selected projects which are diverse in scale, sector, and medium and this variety to the design enquiry is important for the creative vitality of the studio.
Through and between the projects run threads of influence which quietly inform the work. Subconsciously the practice develops an attitude, a design sensibility, and aesthetic and intellectual consistency emerges.