2223 July, 2023




Chalk Plaster present Plasterclass: Gypsum plasters and imitation marble techniques

Custom Lane are delighted to welcome Chalk Plaster and their newly launched workshop series, Plasterclass.

The workshop will consist of a talk and practical demonstration exploring how to make and recycle gypsum plasters as well as an introduction to imitation marble plaster techniques, covering materials such as polymer-modified plasters (Jesmonite), patent marble cements and scagliola.


Chalk Plaster is a plain and decorative plastering company established by Ffion and Steven Blench in 2016. Using a range of materials including lime, gypsum and clay, Chalk Plaster undertake both traditional historic restoration work as well as executing contemporary designs for modern interiors. Much of their work explores how traditional craft knowledge and techniques can still contribute something new to contemporary architecture and design.