0526 May, 2018



A material adventure from historical context to contemporary product, highlighting the work of twelve talented designers at home and abroad and celebrating this most sustainable...

As part of the new GP Journeys in Design: Material World series, curated by John Ennis, Our Linen Stories launches at Custom Lane before touring through Scotland and onwards to N.Ireland and the Netherlands.

Linking art, design and industry, Our Linen Stories explores a rich heritage, new work and insights into contemporary materials and manufacturing at home and abroad. Storybooks, printed on linen paper, are available to read at five exhibition stations: Our Featured Designers: Linen Journeys in Design, European Unions, Art & Acquisition, Plant & Production and Supply & Sustainability.

Exhibition Design is in collaboration with artist Nick Sargent. Linen Storybooks are created in collaboration with Alison Newman of PULP.

During the month of May, alongside the exhibition, GP Journeys in Design will present a series of Talks and workshops; including Twilight Talk: Place-making and Creative Industry, Felicity Bristow’s Artist Talk: Moving Colours and, Helena Loerman’s Artist Talk: Weaving a Textured History.

The team will further be running a series of closed weaving workshops for people with dementia and school workshops where Felicity Bristow will share her artistic process with local school children. Custom Lane are delighted to provide in-kind support for these activities.

Exhibition Closed Mondays
Open Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm | Saturday-Sunday 11am-4pm