February 13, 2019

Custom Lane invites you to join James Binning of Assemble Studio to discuss Assemble Studio as part of the Talks at the Lane series at Custom Lane in March

Assemble are a collective based in London who began working together in 2010. Encompassing the fields of art, architecture and design, Assemble’s working practice seeks to address the typical disconnection between the public and the process by which places are made. They champion a working practice that is interdependent and collaborative, seeking to actively involve the public as both participant and collaborator in the ongoing realisation of the work.

Comprising several members, for this talk the Studio is being represented by James Binning, who is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and also Falmouth School of Art’s Foundation Diploma in Art & Design.

Assemble won the Turner Prize in 2015 for a project in Liverpool involving the refurbishment of a group of houses in a community in Toxteth, worn down by neglect. Some residents there began the process of regeneration by cleaning up, planting gardens and painting murals to improve their impoverished environment. Assemble were then brought in to help by the community land trust that now runs the neighbourhood. In addition to refurbishing ten houses, Assemble worked with the community to establish, using their Turner Prize nomination as a launchpad, Granby Workshop, a social enterprise selling items for the home, some of them made from the rubble of demolished buildings (reconstituted into bookends, or fireplaces).

Based in Sugarhouse Studios, a creative workspace in Bermondsey, South London conceived and run by Assemble. The collective were formerly based on Stratford High Street. The studio is located on the former site of a school, which is due to be demolished to make way for a large, developer-led housing scheme. In the interim, Assemble’s aim is to provide space for artists, designers and fabricators around a core of common facilities that enable and support co-working and collaboration.

This talk will elaborate on Assemble Studio’s recent architectural projects, along with other completed design work and works in-progress.

This exciting event signals the continuation of a full programme from Talks at the Lane; which has already included Rural Office for Architecture, STUDIO NIRO and Izat Arundell & Collaborators. The future guests for 2019 include Karl-Heinz Schmitz, IF_DO Architects, wHY Architecture and Sebastian Cox.

You can read more about Talks at the Lane and see their full Season One programme here.

This Talk at the Lane by Assemble is taking place at Custom Lane on 08th March, 2019, 18:30-20:00.

Tickets are £10 / £8 Concession and can be purchased here.