October 17, 2019

Talks at the Lane was delighted to be joined by architects Koen Baeyens and Basile Graux who elaborated on their provocation... ‘in search of questions’

Listen to the talk here:

GRAUX & BAEYENS Architects (GBA) is a Belgium-based architectural studio established in 2005 by Koen Baeyens and Basile Graux.


The practice operates in the field of contemporary architecture, interior and product design. GBA strives to create ideas that result in one clear formal concept that emerges through continuous questioning and production.


GBA has been nominated for many awards, including the Belgian Building Award, and has a specific focus on unique, single-family homes and offices within Belgium. These projects have an emphasis on contextual interventions which sensitively engage with the surrounding landscape, forming a true sense of place.

House BS, Photocredit: Filip Dujardin

GRAUX & BAEYENS Architects - House BS

House BS, Photocredit: Filip Dujardin

GRAUX & BAEYENS Architects - House BS

The talk emphasised there is often an interplay of existing spaces reimagined as well as contemporary reinterpretations of vernacular forms. This is much in contrast to the predominant contextless new build housing seen elsewhere in Belgium. In utilising the brick of the Low Countries and in-situ concrete, the talk showcased how GBA’s work explores the tectonic nature of the materials readily at hand.


The office is realising a variety of projects in Belgium ranging from single family dwellings, nightclubs, office buildings and design furniture.


The talk was accompanied by a short exhibition of GBA work at Custom Lane, alongside drinks and a live DJ to celebrate a successful end of the first series of Talks at the Lane.

This was the ninth and final talk in the first season of Talks at the Lane. More information on this and the other talks and news on the next season can be found here.