01 December, 2019




Be coupled with your new favourite book following a 15minute 1-to-1 consultation with indie bookseller, Golden Hare Books.

If you’re familiar with Golden Hare Books, you may already have heard about the store’s unique reading consultation service, LitFix. The team helped dozens of people find the books that are perfect for them, whether they’re struggling to find books they love or just fancy a bookshelf refresh.

Exclusively for Trading Post, Golden Hare Books are launching LitFix Mini, a shorter session that gets straight to the heart of your bookish needs, and you get to leave with a new paperback too! Have a chat with one of their friendly and knowledgeable booksellers who will make tailored recommendations based on your tastes.

Whether you’re looking for fiction, nonfiction or a mixture, or even if you’re into YA or kids’ fiction, let the team sort your reading!

Book a session, making sure you give as much detail on our three questions about your reading taste as possible. Then sit back and wait until December 1st, come along to Custom Lane for your allotted time and enjoy a one-on-one session with one of Golden Hare Books booksellers! The chat will last about 15 minutes, then there will be time to choose a paperback book (max price £9.99) from the stall, and enjoy 10% off on any other purchases! The team can also email you a list of your recommendations after the event.

Two of the Golden Hare booksellers will be taking LitFix Mini sessions: you’ll chat with either manager Julie Danskin (fiction, poetry, essays/memoir) or senior bookseller David Bloomfield (history, politics, radical fiction). Depending on your answers to our booky questions when reserving a ticket, you’ll be matched with either Julie or David to take you on a reading odyssey tailored to your reading tastes!

Custom Lane thank Innis & Gunn for their generous support of Trading Post