1831 July, 2019



A solo exhibition and series of curated events from botanical artists PYRUS; exploring symbiotic relationships in nature and between like-minded creatives.

An organism living in a state of symbiosis. From Greek sumbioun to live together, from bioun to live

PYRUS will present site-specific installation pieces made for Custom Lane, made in response to the ever-changing and deepening relationship with their Victorian walled garden near Edinburgh. The work will showcase botanical material grown by the designers and foraged material, both of which are intrinsic to their creative practice.

New collaborative work with Glasgow based ceramicist Cara Guthrie will also be shown, a project bringing together a season of flower material from the PYRUS garden used by Cara Guthrie in pieces made for Symbiont, celebrating the ephemeral and cyclical nature of the garden process.

Photography: Gabriela-Silveira

PYRUS is Natalya Ayers and Fiona Inglis, a botanical studio and cut flower garden co-founded as a response to the lack of availability of locally grown, British flowers.

Using botanical and natural materials as their medium, the artists have always called for a ‘flower revolution’ in the UK, championing the burgeoning British Flowers movement. PYRUS create installations, still life and set design, often collaborating with other artists and creatives to produce work for private and commercial clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Recent collaborative work has included The Greenroom project with Stills Gallery Edinburgh and short film The Three Graces for Scottish Ballet’s digital season 2019.