18 August14 September, 2018



A study in trees and our relationship to these icons of the global environment.

[Latin n. woods, forests]

Silvae is a collection of pieces with thoughts to re-contextualise how we relate to the plant life on our planet.

Peter’s bowls, pots and other items manipulate the properties of scrap and manufactured wood, to create a sense of rings, knots and trunks that returns some of its natural form. He invites us to refocus our view, to understand anew our relationship with trees and the significance of their importance and struggle on earth.

Our strongest understanding of our connection often culturally comes through trees – many cultures have stories that connect trees to the very essence of our perception of the world: trees of life; branches reaching to heaven and roots to hell; our own family trees.

Peter A Smith
Gnomonia Leptosyla
Photography Dan Smith

Peter A Smith
Phytophthora alni
Photography Dan Smith

The work also asks questions of vulnerability, fragility and delicateness, seeing these as precious and valuable characters in nature, balance, masculinity, humanity and in the objects themselves. Can these attributes be seen as positive traits? If they can in one, can they also be seen the same way in another?

Each of the pieces is named, each christened with the Latin name of a disease, pathogen, or insect that attacks trees, that they struggle to defend against. Every tree holds a story.

Peter A Smith is a multi-discipline and multi-practice artist, originating from Dumfries in south west Scotland.