0313 November, 2022



Edinburgh-based photographer Laura Meek launches her new book, New Orleans, with an exhibition of featured photographic works

Laura Meek’s ‘New Orleans’ is a photographic celebration of the colours, light and architecture of the city’s French Quarter.  Documented over the last two years of visits to her home-state of Louisiana, Laura’s images capture the romance, southern drama, beauty and grit of the district, through its much-revered façades.

Treasured and plentiful childhood day trips to New Orleans nurtured Laura’s love of the carefully orchestrated and gently time-dulled elegance of the city, where French and Spanish design meets Colonial and Creole influence and layers of chipped paint whisper of past lives.

These paint colours, quietly captured and as broad in range as the Mississippi river is wide, offer up a series of colour studies which highlight the beauty and depth of New Orleans’ architectural and cultural palette.

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Preview | Thursday 3rd Oct | 6-9pm



Laura Meek is a photographer, artist and musician based in Edinburgh.  Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to her American father and Scottish mother, Laura made regular trips to Scotland to visit family.  She gradually developed a desire for a life here and, five years ago, made her creative home at Custom Lane.

Following her studies in fine art photography, Laura has worked steadily as a freelance photographer, building a portfolio of work encompassing fashion, lifestyle, commercial and fine art content. Having also held positions as art gallery director and chief photographer for a fashion brand, she now dedicates a portion of her time to her role as film technician with independent photography printer and film lab, A&M.

Laura always strives to incorporate aspects of her fine art film photography training to her commercial projects.  Her childhood love of photography and ritual of documenting snippets of daily life as a visual journal continues to inform her approach to commissions and thoughtful creative aesthetic.