11 March31 August, 2024

We are delighted to welcome Bard as the new resident at HRBR, a custom designed and built retail space within our reception.

We were smitten with Hugo Macdonald and James Stevens at first introduction, on sharing what was a very heartfelt and transparent conversation about our respective wishes for Scottish design and craft and for the wharf-facing address at Custom Lane.

Bard has clearly dwelled in their hearts for a good, long time and it’s with integrity, curiosity and a genuine and compelling spirit of celebration that the project has been brought to its full, physical form.

Bard is a shop and gallery space for Scottish craft and design.  To quote Hugo: “It’s a commercial venture but it’s also a cultural venture that aims to ask questions about Scottish cultural identity, past and future, through made objects, makers and manufacturers.”

We are delighted to host a small Bard showcase at HRBR.

To learn more about Bard, we encourage you to read Alyn Griffiths full interview with James and Hugo HERE.

HRBR is a port for the country’s leading and emerging retailers and makers to showcase their work. We look forward to welcoming you.

Hugo and James photographed by Edvinas Bruzas

Bard entrance photographed by Edvinas Bruzas

Visit Bard:  Monday to Friday, by appointment.  Friday to Sunday, open 12 to 6pm