0519 March, 2022



From the Ashes is the first exhibition by Garvald Edinburgh members for over 2 years. The ceramics were made pre-pandemic and we are proud to present an exhibition in which the pertinent themes of transformation, time, patience and community are so deeply embedded in the process and outcomes.

The forms were made by the members in the Pottery workshop in Dalry, and pit-fired in the beautiful meadow at the Tiphereth Camphill community on the edge of the Pentlands. Various techniques were used to make the pieces and an ancient process called terra sigulata (sealed earth) was used as an alternative to glaze. The pots were wrapped in organic materials which, through the alchemy of firing, brought them to life with colour.

Makers from both communities learned in tandem, gathering together to fill the fire-pits and regrouping to unveil the transformed pots from the ashes. Through learning ancient processes anew, the Garvald Edinburgh potters have created a stunning body of craft work whilst making memories and forming new communities.


Garvald Edinburgh is a care organisation that provides creative opportunities and community for adults with a learning disability and autism. Garvald offers 21 workshops across 5 sites in Edinburgh and Midlothian, each providing high quality facilities, materials and individualised support for 240 adults.

Through learning craft and making-based skills, members are supported to explore their creativity and engage in productive and meaningful processes in a safe social environment.  

The work-like environment provides stability and being part of an established and supportive community nurtures good mental health and wellbeing.  

Garvald members produce craft and food products which are available for sale through a range of outlets.  This interaction creates meaningful relationships between buyer and maker, builds self-esteem and fosters a sense of personal value and purpose.  

The opportunities and experiences offered create interdependence, giving structure and rhythm to members lives enabling them to maintain important relationships whilst contributing to the community in a way that is right for each of them. 

Garvald workshops craft real change for people with a learning disability and beautiful items everyone can enjoy.