0106 November, 2019



As part of November's international diabetes month, designer Alex Durussel-Baker exhibits a series of graphic posters exploring the highs and lows of living with Type...

400,000 people in the UK are liven with Type 1 Diabetes, making us 5th in the highest number of cases in the world. We still don’t know what causes this auto-immune disease, all we know is that the number of diagnosis are increasing.

Sometimes serious, often light-hearted and always colourful, Diabetes by Design is a collection of graphic posters and installations to raise awareness and dispel misconceptions surrounding T1D.

Award-winning designer, Alex Durussel-Baker was diagnosed at 30 while on a work trip. Having not recognised the symptoms, she was one step away from a coma and very fortunate to receive medical care when she did. However, one in four unknown sufferers will be in a critical state by the time they are diagnosed. For some, diagnoses will come too late.

As part of November’s international diabetes month, this exhibition aims to inform, inspire and ignite new conversations around this often misunderstood disease – redefining what it means to live and thrive with a chronic condition.

Alex thanks Sketch, Eastern Exhibition & Display and Custom Lane for their support of Diabetes by Design