0629 August, 2022

Through a series of shows under the banner of Works in Progress, Custom Lane residents share insight into their practice and processes, introducing our visiting...

For the inaugural show in our series of resident showcases, we welcome GRAS.

GRAS is an interdisciplinary architecture, conservation and design studio working internationally across a broad range of scales, sectors, and typologies.

GRAS exists to create and conserve extraordinary spaces, places and objects, through the exploration of ideas, contexts, materials, techniques and technologies.

The studio focuses on important and exciting problems, seeking simple, beautiful solutions, developed with an intuitive understanding of emotional experience.

Projects are approached with open, curious minds, free of pre-conceptions, allowing the creative process to be led by the findings along the way.  In turn, every project has its own path, and its own unique outcomes, deeply specific to its contexts and its users.

Responding to the theme of ‘Works In Progress’ GRAS offers an insight into the diverse methods of recording, and preserving various building typologies within the Scottish landscape. The assemblage of works focuses on surveying, re-drawing and designing buildings within their unique context. Each project is encapsulated in the constellation of images capturing the research behind the design process, reflecting the energy and ambition of the studio.


Still to come: Juli Bolaños-Durman / Architecture Office / Laura Meek / Personal Pursuits and Studio NIRO