26 March17 April, 2022



Tim Taylor returns with a new body of work continuing his ongoing exploration of the everyday and the use of mundane materials to create works...

Tim Taylor last exhibited at Custom Lane in 2020 with his show Dark Interiors. Preceding the first lockdown, the title would prove prescient. Taylor now returns with a new body of work reflecting the domestic scale of life during lockdown.

With his gaze still firmly on his household’s recycling, the cardboard mono-prints of Dark Interiors remain. The former interiors have become exteriors, fragmented pieces describing an accidental architecture of industrial pasts and imagined futures.

Yellow Plastic Abstracts, a sobering reminder of the continued proliferation of single-use plastics, takes on a more optimistic aesthetic. The indented, sculpted bases of these ubiquitous food containers are painstakingly picked out in Humbrol Lemon Yellow; a pre-emptive memorial to this once wonder product of the oil and gas industry.

Taylor brings further colour to the show using materials made largely obsolete by digital technologies. Letters from Antarctica (correction fluid on blue airmail paper) describes some 50 icebergs, the ever-increasing fragments of ice shelves afloat in polar seas; Office Shady Groves (sunlight on pink carbon copy paper) captures fractured sunlight through overgrown summer foliage.