1324 November, 2019



In celebration of their 75th Anniversary, One Parent Families Scotland collaborate with Amara Eno to create new work reflecting the lives of single parent families...

Over one in four families in Scotland are headed by a single parent. The 25 Percent is a chronicle of the positive reflections, but also the hardships, that make up the single-parent family landscape in Scotland.

One Parent Families Scotland is 75 years old this year. The charity believes single parents should be recognised for the remarkable job they do, giving a voice to single parents, challenging child poverty, discrimination and stigma; celebrating single parent and their children for their achievements.

The 25 Percent photography project has enabled families to express themselves and created imagery that allows children to see their families represented in a positive way that instils in them a sense of solidarity and worth.

Amara Eno is a photographer, based in London, UK. Her storytelling focuses predominantly within the the areas of documentary, portraiture and reportage; exploring human relationships and matters within the communities she encounters. Amara’s inquisitive nature keeps her open to exploring a multitude of topics within her work, her fundamental pursuit being to bring exposure to voices that are often underrepresented.