13 December, 2018




Interior designer Jaco Justice, of Ja!Coco! Maximal Design Studio, and glass artist Juli Bolaños-Durman discuss their collaborations, past, present and future.

Jaco and Juli’s design solutions can be labour intensive. By inviting clients to engage throughout the creative process, the design elements are customised to that particular moment in time, thus becoming an authentic conversation piece.

They will explore the role of artist and designer breaking into commercial and international markets, and how to combat the conflict these demands have on a studio’s methods and output.

Finally, given the talk location here at Custom Lane, there will be further contributions from residents who have also benefitted from our internationally-minded collaborative space and what it means for Scottish design’s ambitions as a whole.

Read about Ja!Coco! and Juli’s collaboration on Slurp at the Kirk here.