11 January, 2020




Learn the unique, simple craft of punch needle embroidery with The Honeyed Bison.

Using this technique, you can create gorgeous fiber art for your wall, cushion covers, rugs, and much more. This 2-hour workshop provides space and time to slow down from the urgency of urban life. Free your mind from worries, and give your fingers a crafty workout.

You will practice the punch while you work on your pattern, exploring the various texture options to create your finished piece. You’ll also learn about the different types of punch tools, fabrics, and fibres and where to find them.

What’s included:


Embroidery hoop

Monk’s Cloth

Choice of yarn

Complimentary prosecco


Since 2018, Honeyed Bison has been hosting a carefully curated offering of craft workshops around Edinburgh. Honeyed Bison workshops and handmade products centre around the belief that wellbeing and the arts are strongly connected. The team work to create special pieces for and with you, that will positively influence your wellbeing and bring softness and joy into your home.