2026 November, 2021



Neuk Collective presents an exhibition of works by neurodivergent artists, alongside a launch of a manifesto for neurodiversity in the arts.

A recent survey of neurodivergent artists found that 100% had experienced institutional barriers to pursuing a career in the arts. A new manifesto addressing that is being launched by Neuk Collective.

Founded in 2020 with support from Creative Scotland, Neuk Collective is a group of four neurodivergent artists – Robyn Benson, Dylan Esposito, Dawnne McGeachy and Tzipporah Johnston. Working in diverse media, and at different stages of their careers, the collective members have come together to advocate for and make changes that support neurodivergent artists. They are holding their inaugural exhibition here with us at Custom Lane, showcasing the quality and diversity of work by neurodivergent artists. The collective are also using the exhibition to launch their manifesto for neurodiversity in the arts, and a guide for cultural organisations who want to support neurodivergent artists.

‘Neurodivergent’ describes people whose brains process information differently from the majority. For example, autistic, dyslexic or dyspraxic people, or people with ADHD or Tourettes.

The exhibition staging aims to be inclusive and welcoming of everyone, with a quiet session for those who need it, a “chill out pod”, ear defenders, communication badges and materials in a variety of formats.  Full accessibility details here.

Quiet Evening

For visitors who find the adjacent cafe too noisy, Neuk Collective are offering a Quiet Evening. One of the artists will be there after hours to welcome you, and numbers are strictly limited to ensure a quiet environment.

Tues 23rd November 5.30-7pm – please book a place here.

Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland