01 February05 April, 2020

We are delighted to welcome STUDIO BRÆ as the new resident designer-maker at HRBR, a refined, custom designed and built retail space within our reception.

STUDIO BRÆ founder, Edinburgh based ceramicist Tokes Sharif, handcrafts sculptural yet purposefully functional objects using clay, incorporating locally sourced, high-quality, natural and sustainable materials wherever possible.⁣⁣ The residency will introduce a beautiful new series of work, created for HRBR.
Each piece is mindfully fashioned, in small batches, into iconic and timeless forms influenced by ancient Cycladic sculptures. ⁣⁣

The use of a limited palette of neutral and earthy tones coupled with stony and matte textures enhance the natural variations present in the clay and reflects Scottish landscapes.

HRBR is a port for the country’s leading and emerging retailers and makers to showcase their work. We look forward to welcoming you.