09 August11 September, 2019



An exquisite exploration of flesh, form and expression from photographer Gabriela Silveira, artist Viv Lee and floral stylist Anna Forrest.

VESSEL is a collaborative photography project between photographer Gabriela Silveira, artist Viv Lee and floral stylist Anna Forrest, which explores themes of the body and self expression whilst celebrating the sensual, vulnerable and inherently imperfect humanness.

The vessels on display are made with stoneware clay by Viv Lee in her Glasgow studio, hand built using slow techniques such as pinching and coiling.

GABRIELA SILVEIRA is a Brazilian born, Edinburgh based photographer. Through her personal bodies of work, flower and flesh are used as symbolic starting points to explore ideas and ideals of love, sex, beauty and death.

Born in Hong Kong, artist VIV LEE lives and works in Glasgow. Graduating from The Glasgow School of Art in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture, Lee uses clay as a medium for expression and transformation, with a focus on creating hand built sculptural vessels. Motivated by an interest in exploring materiality and the body, the tactility of clay lends itself to this exploration, allowing her to work intuitively and spontaneously.

Blooming Routes is a floral design studio, based an hour south of Edinburgh. The concept was woven from a deep appreciation of the earth and the flora that grows within it. Owner and founder ANNA FORREST honours shape, form & movement in every arrangement, casting a light on each flower. Her love of working with blooms is related to their ability to help us express & celebrate the sacred moments in our lives.