15 June, 2019


An exploration and critique of the current state of volume house building in Scotland

High roller private house builders accounted for 70% of new homes built in Scotland over the past decade – creating vast swathes of new development and shaping our built environment to their own ends.

Meanwhile the disconnect between the aspirations of the design community and the reality of housing being built has never been starker.

IRL, urban decisions made 50 years ago are beginning to catch up with us. Life expectancy is dropping for the first time in a century as people live an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. The car has been woven into the everyday functions of our lives, and the built environment has stretched and expanded to accommodate it. How do we up the ante and have a say in the way our houses are built?

A panel discussion concerning the core themes explored in the accompanying exhibition, featuring Nicola Barclay and Andy Wightman MSP.