Rosie Currie


September 23, 2017

GRAS and Craft Scotland partner with Emergents for Scotland: Craft & Design Pavilion at London Design Fair 2017.

GRAS and Craft Scotland have partnered with Emergents to curate and showcase a selection of the best of Scottish design for Scotland: Craft & Design Pavilion at London Design Fair 2017. This year’s exhibition features makers working across ceramics, glass, furniture, lighting and textiles, including a selection of work by multi-award winning designers for clients including Zaha Hadid, Deutsche Bank, The V&A and Selfridges.

Echoing aspects of their unique minimal display from London Design Fair 2016, GRAS have created a simple yet elegant feature space from ‘skeletal’ steel structures. The frames have been individually designed to suit the work of each maker and the overall display incorporates 60 steel structures all of varying dimensions. The outlined forms create an accessible and interactive installation space for visitors while allowing the work on show to be the main focus.

This year’s selection includes contemporary glass design by Shaun Fraser, Juli Bolaños-Durman and Harry Morgan, ceramics by Fiona Byrne-Sutton and Patricia Shone and the debut of the new ceramics and furniture partnership Hynde and Halliday. New work from designers Tom Pigeon, Bespoke Atelier and Inches Carr Trust bursary winner Lynne MacLachlan is also featured.

The latest furniture pieces by Jonathan Pang and Namon Gaston are on display alongside stunning textiles by Mariam Syed, Hilary Grant and Heather Shields. Glass artist Carrie Fertig and lighting designers Yellow Broom and Kate Colin will present their sculptural and unique lighting products.


Scotland: Craft & Design pavilion 2017 at London Design Fair.

A partnership between Craft Scotland and Emergents Scotland: Craft and Design Pavilion at 2017 London Design Fair.

Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 September 2017

Trade-only days: Thursday 21 to Friday 22 September 2017

Trade and Public days: Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 September 2017