01 December, 2019



From £30.00

RAW's immersive open fire cooking experience guides you through the preparation of outstanding, locally sourced produce.

RAW aim to reconnect people with food and where it comes from.

You will be guided through traditional butchery techniques for preparing your meet, then cook up and share a taster over an open fire before taking home some of the fruits of your labour.

Roe Deer: 11:00-12:00.

Rabbit: 13:00-13:45

Roe Deer: 15:00-16:00

Please be prepared to refrigerate the take-home meat as soon as possible after the experience.

RAW reconnects people with food via immersive experiences that educate guests on local, sustainable food sources.

They’re guided through the sourcing and preparation of produce, cooking it over fire and eating it with their hands.

Nothing wasted.

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