26 March, 2020


With Barrie Tullett's prints as a guide, The Fruitmarket Gallery invite you to share a group reading of Dante's Inferno.

Join a group reading of Dante’s Inferno, the first book in his Divine Comedy. Bring your own editions or translations of the text or just turn up on the night to read a stanza or two or listen as we delve together through the circles of hell.

Drop in at any point throughout the event. Refreshments provided.

Barrie Tullett is the featured artist at this year’s Artists’ BookMarket, with a month-long exhibition at Custom Lane running from 7-29 March. Tullett has been working for the last thirty years on an obsessive project to make a visual representation of each of the 100 cantos of ‘Dante’s Divine Comedy’ using the ‘obsolete’ technologies of wood and metal type, typewriters and letraset. This showing marks the completion of the series and includes four digital ‘remixes’ of Tullett’s prints from Dublin-based graphic designer Brenda Dermody.