2128 April, 2018



Introducing a series of new works by young Edinburgh Artist, Greta Mcmillan.

Greta McMillan is a teenage Edinburgh artist and wheelchair user who has been recognised by the Scottish Parliament and has had an art film exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy. She uses sophisticated Tobii ‘eye gaze’ technology as a communicator. The pioneering software tracks the movement of her eyes allowing her to paint digitally. It records and tracks movement, duration gaze and focus of the eye, which Greta uses to create digital images.

The works exhibitied are primarily from a visit to Fiskavaig in Skye in the early 2018 and relate to the weather, sound, movement, space and colour of the rugged rural landscape. The larger works on show are based on a series of observations spatial descriptions and perceived colours of dance.

The exhibition has been brought to being by Kestin Hare with the support of Bare Branding and Custom Lane.

All proceeds from sales throughout the exhibition will go toward software that will better support Greta in her development as an artist.

Special thanks to Thomas Whittle, artist and resident at Fettes, who crafted the frames and stretched the canvases and to the following individuals who gave their time to converting Greta’s art for print.

Matt Martin, illustrator
Juli Bolanos-Durman, glass artist
Laura Griffin of Reset Press
Agne Smilgaite of Bare Branding
Tom Cuddihy and Kestin Hare of Kestin Hare

Thank you to the generous sponsors of the exhibition.