06 May05 June, 2022



Flat Versions presents the latest work of artist and designer C.A. Walac. Walacs multidisciplinary practice of hand drawing, digital drawing and sculptural assemblages plays with abstracting the domestic. Her compositions of cuts and offcuts in card and wood express themselves within the contexts of art, design and architecture. 

The pieces exhibited look to redefine domestic rituals, with a particular focus on transitional spaces like entrances, hallways and corridors.

Walac balances the functional and non-functional with large-scale wood pieces designed to occupy these thoroughfares; arteries connecting the different functions of the home without a defined purpose of their own. 

The curvaceous works are thoughtfully assembled from flat elements to add volume, both physically and perceptibly, to these often narrow, tight and limited spaces.


About the Artist

Interdisciplinary French-born Scotland-based artist and designer, C.A. Walac is drawn to the articulations between the body, architecture, and objects/furniture. Her work is stamped with playful darkness, exploring abstract domesticity and industrial surrealism through mediums such as sculpture, furniture, drawing and collage.

She practices in a quest to inhabit art and forge uncanny practicalities. Using both hand drawing and digital drawing techniques, she cuts and assembles constellations of layers that create new possible spaces and redefine experiences of domestic rituals.


Preview | Thursday 5th May, 6-8pm.